Student Complaint/Grievance Form

Instructions: A grievance is an educational or personal issue or condition that a student belives to be unfair, inequitable, dscriminatory, or a hindrance to his/her education. Students you have a complaint or grievance about collage experience should complete this form. Students should allow 10 business days to receive a written response to that complaint or grievance.

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Grievance(Education Related)

Student Information

Complaint/Grievance Information

Rediation against an individual filling a grievance is strictly prahibited and constitutes a vidation of collage policy which may result in disciplinary action.

I understand that information contained in the grievance form will be held confidential to the extent possible. Grievance information may be shared with college officials in order to conduct a through investigation. I hereby declare that the information on this formis true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any misrepresentation of information may result in disciplinary actions, in accordance with college disciplinary policies.

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